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Platform Bed Construction Techniques – How we make solid hardwood platform beds that will endure for generations

At Scott Jordan Furniture, we have produced thousands of platform beds over the past fourty years and we know from experience that our methods are sound.  We prefer using a through bed bolt method to construct our platform beds.  Through bed bolts are a fail-safe method of insuring a very tight mechanical connection that eliminates bed rattle,  shake, and motion transfer; ensuring generations of service.

Our beds are made of solid hardwood. They are not made of plywood, particle board or any other forest product that might be referred to as “all wood construction”. We use locally sourced hardwoods, primarily cherry, walnut and  oak. Our lumber is sourced primarily from the Northeast; mostly Pennsylvania and New York. All of the lumber that we use is harvested sustainably. The forests are managed to perpetuate their existence as forests and in a manner that is respectful of the larger environment.

We use only non-toxic plant oils and beeswax for our platform bed finishes. The plant oil, mostly from flax seed and cotton seed, imparts a soft lustrous yet mellow shine to the surface of the wood. It is non-toxic both to the end-user and to the craftsmen in our workshop.

Also, we only use standard hardware in our platform bed construction.  All of the components can be found at a good hardware supplier. This avoids the trouble of replacing specialized furniture hardware that might be difficult to replace if lost, especially years from now.

The hardwood slats in our beds are supported by a center leg that insures that the slats will not bend and sag over time. This also provides a firm, level, foundation for the mattress.  Furthermore, our bed slats are made from sound hardwood; we use a variety of woods that are suitable to the function: oak, maple, ash and sometimes cherry, according to what is currently available from our lumber supplier. In any case we select only locally sourced hardwood.

pocketed straps holding bed slats

pocketed straps securing bed slats prevent slats from shifting or coming loose

The spacing between the slats in normally 3.75″ using our pocketed straps that hold the slats.

alternative method of securing bed slats

canvas straps woven through bed slats allows for smaller spacing as required by some mattress manufacturers.

Alternatively we can weave a set of canvas straps through the slats creating a smaller spacing as required by some foam mattress manufacturers.

Scott Jordan Furniture platform beds are constructed one at a time allowing for a wide selection of size and designs.  By employing computer controlled machinery to produce the parts one at a time very precisely, we can offer a very high degree of accurate fit with these fine hardwoods.

Need a custom leg height for underbed storage or individual size?  No problem, customization possibilities of leg height can be made in our Brooklyn workshop.  Contact our showroom at the number listed below for custom size quotes.

Please visit our showroom in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and work with our expert design staff to find a solid wood platform bed tailored to your desires.

Illustration of bed bolt construction

Illustration of bed bolt construction

Sturdy bed bolt construction ensures generations of faithful use

Center-leg construction detail

Center-leg construction detail

Center leg supports the bed slats
Bed Bolt Construction Details

Bed Bolt Construction Details

Steel bolts connect the rails to the posts – Steel bolts are the most secure way we have discovered for building platform beds. If lost, in moving for example, they are easily found at a good hardware store. Many other platform beds are constructed using specialized furniture hardware – very difficult to replace if lost or broken.

The array of hardwood slats is supported by a center strut and leg that transmits the weight to the floor and prevents the mattress from sagging in the center.

Platform bed slats

Platform bed slats

Array of center supported hardwood slats promotes beneficial ventilation of the mattress at the same time preventing the mattress from sagging in the center.

Some mattress manufacturers indicate that their mattresses perform best on slatted bases where the slats are no greater than 3″ apart.

We offer an alternate method of connecting the slats into an array that satisfies this requirement.

Woven Tape Slats

Woven Tape Slats

Platform Beds Construction

Platform bed crafted with hardwood slats to support mattress


Specially woven nylon webbing secures each bed slat.This prevents shifting or separation. A common cause of failure in platform beds occurs when the slats detach from the webbing,, shifting position, causing the mattress to fall. Our custom woven webbing is typical of the design insights that we have gained over our many years making platform beds.


Nylon bed slat webbing

Nylon bed slat webbing


The method of bolting the rails to the post to construct a bed frame dates to the 18th century. The earliest example of this construction technique that the author (Scott Jordan) has seen is in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The technique became common to construct British Army officers’ beds. The bed frames were robust and relatively easy to disassemble for transport to the next camp.
As metal hardware became more affordable in the 19th century this construction technique became common in American made bed frames; many of which exist today (albeit in archaic sizes).
We have been making bed frames for more than thirty years in Brooklyn Over this time we have made quite a few improvement to the way we make a bed frame.
From the very first beds that we made in the early 1980s we have used the bolted rail to post technique. We have never found a better, more secure, method.


Bolted corner post to side rail

Bolted corner post to side rail.


Bolted corner post to side rail is the most secure, easily serviced, method of building a platform bed frame. We have built thousands of bed frames using this method.

The Scott Jordan Platform Beds Collection

Assembling the Bed Frame

Learn how to assemble a bed frame

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