Our new Sales Gallery is located adjacent to our workshop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We are on the 6th floor of Building 280. Building 280 is right inside of the entrance at Flushing Avenue and Cumberland Street.

Please contact us to send an entry pass to your smartphone. Send request to info@scottjordan.com or call 212 620 4682. You can also register for a pass online.

Innovation Living Sofa Beds for Small Living Spaces


Sofa beds and sleepers that make a difference in everyday life

Innovation Living offers a variety of multifunctional Danish designed sofa beds in several styles and different features. The design and style of each sofa bed is exquisitely designed to create space and atmosphere based on individuality, with focus on function and comfort. Mix and match between all fabrics in our fabric collection.

Innovation Living Sofa Beds from Scott Jordan

Innovation Living Sofa Bed Accessories

Killian Sofa Bed – How To Operate

Innovation Sofa Beds Scott Jordan

Innovation Sofa Beds Scott Jordan

Innovation Living mattresses

Our mattresses are a further development of the traditional Japanese cotton mattress. By combining the qualities of the classic natural mattress with modern techniques and materials, we are creating healthy and comfortable mattresses for your home.

Innovation Living’s mattress range includes several options with various comforts, each a unique combination of layers and materials. This offers an optimal choice for various needs and user types.

Some Innovation Living mattresses feature cotton layers. Cotton is a naturally breathable material that helps the body adjust its temperature which is vital for proper sleeping. The composition of the mattresses, with their unique build and flexible materials, make them ideal to use in sofa beds and beds with elevation.

For mattresses with many cotton layers it is recommended to beat the mattress in order to air and even out the fillings. This will help keep the mattress in shape and further maintain its level of comfort.

Innovation Living cushions

Our range of cushions are consisting of a mix of feather- and polyester fillings. These are combined to ensure the best back support and comfort. All cushion covers can be removed and cleaned.

To facilitate transportation, we have vacuum packed your cushions. This makes the filling look less plump. To get your cushions in shape, please remove the plastic and fluff up the cushion until the filling is plump and stretchy. If needed, repeat this a couple of times over the next few days. Regulate the corners of the cushion so that the filling is evenly spread; lastly you put the cushion into the cover.