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Frequently Asked Questions

How are platform beds made

We make platform bed from solid hardwood in our Brooklyn NY workshop. Please view the video to see how it is done.

Are platform beds good for your back?

The active ingredient in a bed is the mattress and not the platform upon which it rests.

The platform is designed to elevate the mattress above the floor to make entry onto the sleeping surface more comfortable and to move the sleeper away from drafts that typically run across the floor.

Therefore the question should not be “are platform beds good for your back?” but rather “is the mattress that you are considering suitable to providing support, minimizing surface pressure and managing the moisture environment around the person sleeping?”.

The real issue is the performance of the mattress – not the platform.

Are platform beds comfortable?

First lets dissect this a bit. No one suggest that you sleep on a platform bed. You will be sleeping on a mattress that rests upon a platform bed.

A platform bed is a bed frame that is designed to support a mattress only – no so-called ” box spring” or “foundation” is needed or even possible.

Therefore the question becomes; Do mattresses exist that provide comfortable support and pressure relief on their own, without a foundation or “box spring”. The answer is absolutely yes they do.

Indeed the so-called “box spring”, more commonly called a “foundation” these days (to avoid running afoul of truth in advertising laws because they generally don’t contain any springs) contribute nothing in the way of support or pressure relief.

Visit a mass market mattress merchant and examine such a foundation, ask what’s inside, test it for yourself. You’ll soon discover that it is but a platform that supports the mattress.

So, in today’s world nearly all beds are platform beds; it just a question of whether or not the mattress dealer is asking you to pay hundreds of dollars for a platform (foundation) that does not have any ergonomically functional purpose.

What is a platform bed?

A platform bed is a bed frame that is designed to support a mattress only – and does not accomodate a so-called box spring.

The real question is: do you need a “box spring”?

The short answer is no, you do not need a box spring to provide the support and pressure relief that is supplied by a good quality mattress.

If you listen closely to mattress sales speak today you might notice that the item formerly referred to as a “box spring” is commonly called a “foundation”. If you were to peer inside of the typical “foundation” you would probably not find any springs, or anything else for that matter.

The foundation has become simply a box sitting on a steel frame that elevated the mattress to a comfortable height. It adds no ergonomic advantage.

Why then, do mass market mattress merchants persist in requiring that you buy one if you wish to buy one of their mattresses? Because it is a very profitable item for them. Since you can’t see inside either the mattress or the foundation they seem somehow equivalent and that is how the merchant prices the combination – so many dollars for each piece and you must buy both or it will “void the warranty”.

Do you need to get caught in this game? certainly not.

Are sleeper sofas comfortable to sit on?

Some sleeper sofas are very comfortable to sit on…others not so much. In considering a sofa bed for purchase take a look and feel at the surface under the seat cushion. If you can feel the mechanism it is quite likely that you’ll be able to feel this through the seat cushion, especially as the cushion ages and wears. It is unlikely that this will be comfortable in the long term. The American Leather Comfort Sleeper has a very comfortable sit. Under the cushion is a section of the mattress supporting the seat cushion. Additionally in the new Version 8 Comfort Sleeper the mattress section under the seat cushion has been engineered to create a two degree pitch to the seat which greatly improves seating comfort. This feature is only available on the Version 8 and not other versions. Our Signature Series sofa beds employ a mechanism that is very popular in Europe that also offers top grade seating comfort. One cannot detect that these sofas also contain a bed. The seat height is also a bit lower in our Signature Series sofa beds.  

What sizes are available in sofa beds

Our sofa beds comes in: Cot size (30″ x 80″), Twin (39″ x 80″), Full (54″ x 80″), Queen (60″ x 80″), King (76″ x 80″) or double Cot (2 – 30″ x 80″). Featuring the patented Tiffany 24/7™ platform sleep system. Room to stretch out with true 80 inches of bedroom-length sleeping surface. Ultimate comfort on  plush, high-density foam, gel or tempurpedic mattress

Can I use my own fabric for a sofa bed ?

Our sofa beds are available in Customer’s Own Material; C.O.M. Our sofa beds comes in numerous fabrics and leather. However if you don’t find anything to your liking, you can use your own fabric. The fabric has to be approved with the factory. Contact our showroom to discuss.

What mattresses are available in our sofabeds

American Leather Comfort Sleepers are available with your choice of three mattress types:

  1. Premier Mattress – A firm, standard high-density foam mattress with Crypton® fabric mattress ticking.
  2. Gel Mattress – A softer, cooler feeling with even support across pressure points.
  3. Tempurpedic – The only sleeper sofa in the world that has it.

All of the sofa beds that we offer have 79 to 80″ mattresses. This is the length of a queen or king size bed. Many other sofa beds on the market have short mattresses; 72 or 75″; we don’t offer any of these as it is unlikely that the sleeping experience will be comfortable for many people of even average height.

Sofa Bed Mattress Sizes

Sofa Bed Mattress Sizes

How sturdy are platform beds?

The sturdiness of a platform bed depends upon how it is constructed. Our platform beds are constructed of solid hardwood. The parts are joined together with nearly unbreakable steel bolts. This is far and away the most enduring way to make a platform bed frame.

Which sofa bed is best for everyday use?

We like to think that we only offer sofa beds that are suitable for use every night. We are often asked this question – unfortunately there is not a clear answer. Different makers produce sofa beds that have a distinct variety of mattress comforts.  Additionally the entire issue of mattress comfort is highly subjective and best judged by the user, or purchaser. You want your guests to be comfortable and they probably will be on any of our sofa beds. But if is for every night use then the purchaser must be the one making the selection. This the best way to address this question is to invite your visit to our showroom where you will be able to try the various sofa beds and mattresses and make a selection based on your preferences.

Can your sofa beds be disassembled to fit through tight spaces?

This is a very common concern especially in urban environments. If you purchase your sofa bed from Scott Jordan the answer in an unqualified “Yes” – it can be disassembled. All of the sofa beds that we offer are designed to be dis-assembled.  Most sofa beds weigh two to three hundred pounds. From our experience we know that it is much more efficient to deliver the sofa bed in parts. By lessening the size and weight of any one component the delivery into your home. Our delivery team is expert at the process; we prepare the components in our warehouse and then reassemble the sofabed in your home – in minutes. We do it every day. On our site we publish instructions on the procedure to disassembly and reassembly for reference.    

Do your sofa beds have metal bars in the center?

Many people associate sofa beds with an uncomfortable metal bar under the center of the mattress. This is an older style of mechanism that we do not offer. The sofa beds in our showroom use modern mechanisms that are very comfortable to sleep on – no metal bars in the center. We invite you visit to try out our sofa beds and see how comfortable a sleeper sofa can be.

When will I receive my sofa bed?

We can delivery an American Leather Comfort Sleeper in 28 days. There are a few exceptions that might slow this a bit; COM (customer’s own material) and fabric out of stock – which rarely happens and we know this at the time of order. We directly import our Signature Series sofa beds from Italy. These are shipped within 4 weeks of ordering and then it takes between 3 and 6 weeks for shipping – thus delivery is between 7 and 10 weeks. Innovation Living sofa beds can be delivered in about 2 weeks. Additionally we maintain an inventory of some of the most popular models in our warehouse ready for next day delivery. Please refer to our list for availability.

How much does a sofa bed weigh?

The sleeper sofas offered in our showroom weigh between 250 lbs. and 400 lbs. depending on the size and covering; leather generally weighs more than fabric. Imagining this weight one can understand the value of being able to disassemble a sofa bed for delivery.  Our Signature Series sofa beds are shipped from the factory in four  (or more) parts; arms, back and bed mechanism. American Leather Comfort Sleepers are shipped from the factory assembled. In urban settings the ability to deliver sofa beds in parts is essential. Our skilled delivery team are experts at disassembling and reassembling American Leather Comfort Sleepers for this very reason; we do this every day. You can trust us to do it correctly and to be there when you wish to move it again.

Are platform beds all too low?

We manufacture platform beds in our workshop. Our process employs computer driven design and manufacturing machinery which allows us to alter dimensions, such as mattress height, to our clients’ preferences.

In other words; if we know how thick the mattress is we can adjust the platform configuration to produce the desired height to the top of the mattress.

Who will deliver my furniture?

Within 75 miles  (and to the tip of Long Island) our delivery team will make the delivery in our own delivery van. Our delivery team is very knowledgable and practiced at moving heavy and bulky furniture carefully into your home. If you order is for a sleeper sofa they will be able to disassemble it in order to fit through tight passages, elevators, etc. at no extra charge.

Can adjustable bases be used in a platform bed?

Yes, we can most likely fit an adjustable base into one of our platform beds. We need to know the exact dimensions. The original documentation of the adjustable base probably has this information in a schematic diagram.

Can platform beds use a boxspring?

No. Platform beds are built to avoid the expense of a so-call box-spring and are not designed for such a thick mattress system.

Furthermore, The typical queen size box spring takes up more than 20 cubic feet of space, more than in a typical 9 drawer dresser. By eliminating the foundation or box spring this wasted space can be used for storage in addition to avoiding the cost of buying one in the first place.

The next question is how to best use the storage space. We have been making platform beds in our workshop for more than 35 years and thus have some insight.

Our underbed storage drawers are not permanently attached to the bed frame. Therefore our under bed storage drawers can contain more because no space is taken by drawer hardware. There is also no mechanism to break or become misaligned. Our underbed storage can be repurposed with another bed at some later date, furthermore the platform bed itself can be repurposed without the storage elements. We expertly craft our underbed storage drawers from solid hardwood in order to provide many years of service.

How are sofa beds made?

American Leather produces their Comfort Sleeper sofa beds at their Dallas factory. It is a state of the art facility using a combination of computer controlled machinery and skilled artisans to produce first rate products. Please see the Youtube video:

The item I want is out of stock. What now?

Comfort Sleepers from American Leather are usually delivered with 30 days of order. There are a few items that take longer. Please call our showroom for specific details. We usually have some inventory of sofa beds that are available for immediate delivery. We maintain a list on our site Sofa beds from our Signature Collection generally take from 8 to 10 weeks. Innovation Living sofa beds from the warehouse stock program take about 10 days for delivery.  

Returns and Exchanges

Special orders, Fabric, upholstered furniture, and all delivery charges are neither refundable nor returnable. No Refunds given for any custom orders of any kind. All Clearance or Floor-model items are final sales and are also neither refundable nor returnable. Stock items may be returned or exchanged within 14 days of delivery and will incur a 20% re-stocking fee. Items must be in original condition. Mattresses are subject to a 30% return fee when returned within 30 days of delivery, after which they are no longer returnable. Pillows and other bedding items are neither refundable nor returnable. Any Cancellations resulting in refunds by credit card are subject to a 5%reprocessing fee. Please call for a return authorization. Returns and exchanges are subject to pickup charges.


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