Our new Sales Gallery is located adjacent to our workshop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We are on the 6th floor of Building 280. Building 280 is right inside of the entrance at Flushing Avenue and Cumberland Street.

Please contact us to send an entry pass to your smartphone. Send request to info@scottjordan.com or call 212 620 4682. You can also register for a pass online.

Home Office Furniture

For solid wood home office built for your specific requirements as well as a comfortable space
in your home, beautifully finished by hand and built to last, please call 212 620 4682.

Scott Jordan Home Office Collection

For over 30 years, we have been creating custom home office solutions in the New York City metro area.  Numerous dwellings with unique layouts abound in this city. Our vast experience with these spaces allows us to adapt in innovative ways.
The result: a solid wood home office built for your specific requirements as well as a comfortable space in your home, beautifully finished by hand and built to last.
You may decide you love it there.

Kind Words From Our Clients

“Scott Jordan and all the staff were exemplary. We had custom furniture designed and installed as part of our renovation. They were easy to work with and provided top-notch guidance. They were flexible and thoughtful when helping us to negotiate needed design changes. The quality of the wood, finishing and overall construction was great. The design process, including multiple trips to our home to plan was done with the highest degree of professionalism.

We were already familiar with their work. They had done our bed, night tables, dining room chairs and file cabinet. When planning for new furniture as part of our apartment renovation, we immediately turned to Scott Jordan. We did not think of looking elsewhere. In summary, we highly recommend them and plan to use  the company again.”

– J. Fischer

Walnut Wall Unit Bookcase Crafted for a Beach Apartment

Schedule an on-site consultation.

This is where we get to know you and your space.  It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of our job.  Often when collaborating with our clients, creative new ideas are born.  Our designer will look at various aspects of the space and the goals for its use.  The old proverb “measure twice, cut once” is most befitting here.


Next, our manufacturing process is a modern approach that employs computer aided design programs and machinery.

It gives us unmatched flexibility for highly customized designs. So after the initial meeting, our designers will render drawings for your approval.  From there, we will get to work.

When will I be able to get to work?, you might ask.

Our process also allows for shorter lead times and competitive pricing. You won’t be waiting for the next overseas shipment enabling you to get to work sooner too.  Our craftsmen use traditional wood joinery assembly and finishing techniques to bring the work to completion.  See how we do it in the video.



Visit Our Showroom in the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Our workshop and sales loft is located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 280 – 6th floor. Contact us: 212-620-4682

What makes our home office furniture distinctive?

Solid hardwoods

“The green oak and cedar—the dark pine, the yellow and silvery-barked willow—each majestic old tree; hath its own peculiar tone and whisper for thine ear.”

Elizabeth J. Eames

All of our products are made from solid hardwoods sustainably harvested from local forests.

Our preferred wood species are:

American Black Cherry (prunus serontina)

Black Walnut (juglans nigra)

White Oak (quercus alba)

Scott Jordan Book Shelves

Traditional joinery, not fasteners

Traditional joinery such as the dovetail joint gives strength and durability to our work; as a result, you are not replacing your furniture any time soon, saving the landfill and the street curbs from another broken home good beyond repair.


Non toxic finishes

Our furniture is hand finished with non-toxic plant oils and beeswax which are VOC free.  Safe for our employees and safe for you at home.  The warmth of the wood and unique patterns of the grain are wonderfully highlighted in this process.

oil-finished solid wood furniture



We never use MDF (medium density fiberboard) which often off-gasses formaldehyde.  Find out more about the danger of formaldehyde in the home in this document from the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Home Office Custom Built Furniture

Available in our in Brooklyn NY Showroom.
Please contact us at 212 620 4682 to speak with one of our experts.

Getting Started


It’s all in the details

Design considerations overlooked at the beginning, can have long term consequences later.  Therefore, thinking through each element will ensure high productivity levels and eliminate any potential risks to your overall health.

Home Office Planning Checklist

Finding Our Loft and Warehouse

Please visit our Loft in the Brooklyn Navy Yard or call us at 212 620 4682.