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Sleeper Sofa Delivery – We’re the Best in New York

Sleeper Sofa Delivery – We’re the Best in New York

    Guaranteed to Fit In Your Home

    Are you worried that delivery of a sofa bed to your home will present problems due to size?  Stop…All of our sofa beds disassemble for easy delivery.

    Our records indicate that about 80% of all deliveries into New York City residences require some dis-assembly.

    At Scott Jordan Furniture we have years of experience  executing flawless, trouble-free, sleeper sofa deliveries.

    Our factory trained technicians are skilled at the rapid dis-assembly of our sleeper sofas so that the parts can be easily moved into the desired space and then re-assembled. Without any damage to either the sofa or to your home.

    And now for the best part: This service is included in our basic delivery charge — no unexpected  headaches – no extra fees

    We know that you’ll be delighted with our dedicated delivery team.

    Learn More In Our Video Presentation

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