Our new Sales Gallery is located adjacent to our workshop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We are on the 6th floor of Building 280. Building 280 is right inside of the entrance at Flushing Avenue and Cumberland Street.

Please contact us to send an entry pass to your smartphone. Send request to info@scottjordan.com or call 212 620 4682. You can also register for a pass online.

World’s Best Sleeper Sofas – Sofa Beds In Our Brooklyn Showroom

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American Leather Comfort Sleeper Gallery

Sleeper Sofas and Sofa Beds

Since space comes at a premium in Manhattan apartments, a sleeper sofa or sofa bed may come in handy as a spare sleeping spot; choose from our collection of the world’s best sofa beds-sleeper sofas from American Leather Comfort Sleepers, our own Signature Series, designed and produced in Italy, and the multifunctional Innovation Living sofa beds and chairs.

We are New York’s most comprehensive source for high quality sofa beds. As with anything, price and quality are closely related. We have examined virtually every higher quality sofabed in the world and currently offer the products from three makers:

      1. American Leather Comfort Sleeper. Made in Dallas TX the patented Comfort Sleeper is, hands down,  the best USA produced sofa bed. As comfortable as a bed as it is as a sofa the Comfort Sleeper comes in over 13 styles and 6 sizes. Select from a wide range of designer fabrics, microfibers and, as one would imagine, a world class leather collection.
      2. Our Signature Collection. We directly import POL74 sofa beds from their factory north of Milan. Italy has a well earned reputation for high quality craftsmanship and makers like POL74 are the bedrock of that renown. We invite you to inspect their expert tailoring and detailing; there are really none better. Most European sofa bed are based on a mechanism that is not available in US. POL74 uses only the highest quality version of these mechanisms. Pol74 specializes in sofa beds and makes a wide variety of styles and sizes. Located in the province of Brianza, the home of many prestigious Italian furniture makers, the designers at POL74 are dialed into the network of upholstery fabric producers located in the region and , as such, offers a very modern and stylish collection of fabrics. The mechanism underlying these sofa beds is different than the Comfort Sleeper mechanism but certainly it equal in comfort.
      3. We offer InnovationLiving sofa beds. InnovationLiving’s products are Danish designs produced in their Ukranian factory. They are soon opening a production faccility in Guadalajara MX. Their products fit a lower price level at a very high level of quality of fit and finish.

35 Day Delivery American Leather Comfort Sleepers. Comfort Sleepers are produced in Dallas in a very modern facility using a system of computer controlled production. They produce and model in any size in any cover and ship in about 24 days. With transit time to New York we can deliver Comfort Sleepers to your home in about 30 days, like clockwork.

8 Week Delivery on select Signature Series sofa beds. Pol74 ships sofa beds in about 28 days. The voyage from the factory in Brianza to our Brooklyn warehouse may take from three to six weeks making lead time about eight weeks.

14 Day Delivery on select Innovation Living sofa beds. Innovation Living ships stock items from their New Jersey or California warehouses. We can delivery to your home in about 14 days.

Visit our sales gallery within the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard – conveniently located behind the new Wegman’s market.  Parking available, several citi bike stations near by. Call 212-620-4682 for directions or contact us via email at info@scottjordan.com.

Sofa beds are generally large and quite heavy and present a significant delivery challenge, especially in the tight quarters of New York City. All of our sofa beds can be disassembled for delivery. You needn’t worry if it will fit in your elevator, through the door, around a tight corner, etc. We have over twenty five years experience delivery sofa beds and other heavy and large items; we are very good at it.  Our delivery team is the best in the business.

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Signature Sofa Beds in Brooklyn, NY