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Custom Cabinetry

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We Create Cabinetry Solutions Designed and Crafted for New York City Interiors.
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Over 40 Years of Experience - A Trusted Source for Wood Cabinetry in NYC

Please explore the collections presented below – each has their advantages but share high quality in manufacture and design.

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Custom Cabinetry – Crafted in Our Brooklyn Workshop

Built To Last in Brooklyn, New York

Often when one hears the words “custom cabinetry’ the image of a craftsman in a flannel shirt laboring at his workbench is often summoned to mind. Our reality is quite a bit different from this image.

Our version of 21st century custom cabinetry involves computer aided design and manufacturing techniques.  These computer based modeling techniques allow us to readily modify and produce almost endless variations and combinations of elements creating cabinetry solutions to fit the need of our clients.

In one sense our method is similar to pre-industrial methods in that we make one piece at a time, not production-line multiples. However the saws and chistles of pre-industrial days have been supplanted by computer based modeling and numerically controlled machinery.

The company started producing furniture in 1980. Indeed for the first twenty years we produced solid hardwood furniture essentially by hand. The process was much as many people image how furniture is made using saws, planers and other woodworking machinery that would be familiar to anyone who might have seen a high school wood shop or New Yankee Workshop.

In 1999 we purchased computer controlled machinery to perform much of the work of actually cutting the wood to shape, fashioning the joinery and  making the drawers. The design side was accomplished using solid modeling programs that integrate with the production machinery. Over the years we have develop a large library of flexible computer code that allows us to readily alter the dimensions and features of constituent furniture parts. This process enables us to readily produce variations of existing parts and thus, when necessary completely unique furniture.

In the 19th century much industrial production was focused on mass production; making a lot of the same thing over and over. One main reason was that often machine processes involved significant set-up time. After the machine had been set-up it made sense to make a lot of the same part. As Henry Ford famously put it: any color you want as long as it is black.

Our process eliminates much of this set up time and thus the advantages of large production runs. Our production paradigm harkens back to a earlier time when a craftsman would make one at a time. That is what we do, but using modern techniques. We are not the only company using this approach.

Indeed our sofabed supplier, American Leather, uses this same production paradigm to produce made to order upholstered furniture. Watch this video explaining their process.

The result of this is our ability to create cabinetry solutions crafted to the particular needs of our clients. Over this part 25 years we have produced a tremendous variety of work and below are some representative samples of completed projects.

Built To Last in Brooklyn, New York!

Our process enables us to scale furniture to fit the needs and spaces of our clients.
Please visit our Loft in the Brooklyn Navy Yard or call us at 212 620 4682.

Custom Cabinetry Key Features

At Scott Jordan’s, we have been making solid wood platform beds in our Brooklyn workshop for over 40 years.

Cabinetry Experts

Contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff for more information and to make an appointment - phone: 212-620-4682 or email: info@scottjordan.com

Custom-made cabinetry designed and delivered in about 6 weeks, beds even quicker.

Bring your floor plan to our showroom. We’ll help you find the perfect fit. You can receive your custom-made Platform Bed in just 35 days. Faster if you choose from one of our many in-stock models.

Many bed frames and mattresses available from stock.

Our current inventory of platform beds ready for immediate delivery in the NYC metro area. Click link below.

Will it Fit in Your Home?

We have many years of experience delivering large and heavy furniture throughout New York City. We know what will fit and what needs to be disassembled for delivery. Our delivery team are among the best in the business.

Time-honored construction techniques - Built to last

We invite you visit to our factory showroom where we can demonstrate the construction details that set our furniture apart. Learn what goes into making an heirloom.

Skillful and Experienced Delivery Team

Our delivery team are very experienced and careful craftsmen - Assembly service is always included in our delivery charge – and our delivery team will leave you smiling

Visit Our Showroom in the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Our workshop and sales loft is located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 280 – 6th floor. Contact us: 212-620-4682

Our Construction Methods

Crafted in Our Brooklyn Workshop
Over many years we have produced a wide variety of armoires and bedroom storage cabinetry at our workshop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  The constants are solid wood construction, traditional joinery techniques, non-toxic materials throughout and aspirations toward fine craftsmanship.

Our employment of computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques allows us to produce an almost infinite variety of configurations to suit almost any need or space. For these reasons we have crafted many armoires and various bedroom storage cabinets on this theme; both single cases and compositions of several cases assembled into one large cabinet unit.

We are well aware of the many factors that are necessary to successfully execute this sort of work;

  • Careful measurement of the intended location
  • Account for uneven floors with leveling mechanisms

High Quality Construction

Learn more about the essential elements of High Quality Chair Construction

Platform Bed Construction

How we make solid hardwood platform beds that will endure for generations…