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Armoire – Storage Cabinetry Collection

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Armoires - Storage Cabinetry Crafted in Our Workshop

Storage Cabinetry – Armoires – Crafted in Our Brooklyn Workshop

Over many years we have produced a wide variety of storage storage cabinetry at our workshop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The constants are solid wood construction, traditional joinery techniques, non-toxic materials throughout and aspirations toward fine craftsmanship.

Using computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques allows us to produce an almost infinite variety of configurations to suit almost any need or space. As a result we have crafted many versions of storage cabinets on this theme; both single cases and compositions of several cases assembled into quite large constructions.

We are very well aware of the many factors that are necessary to successfully execute this sort of work;

  • Careful measurement of the intended location
  • Provision for leveling mechanisms to account for uneven floors
  • Modular construction when necessary to ensure that the components will fit into the elevator, up the stair, etc.
  • Careful selection of seasoned hardwood
  • Precision craftsmanship
  • Attention to details: lighting and hardware.

All of the components are of solid hardwood, locally sourced (with the exception of drawer bottoms and cabinet back panels which we generally made using veneer core plywood.)

Our finishing materials are natural oils and waxes. In order to maintain a healthy environment in our workshop we offer neither wood stains nor lacquer finishes.

Included here are some examples of our work as a means of illustration.  We invite your visit to our showroom to discuss your particular needs. Our factory showroom is adjacent to our workshop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. A visit will serve to illustrate our design and manufacturing process.