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Finding the Right Mattress Does Not Have to be a Puzzling Experience

Finding the Right Mattress

Finding the Right Mattress Can Be A Puzzle

Most people are looking for comfort and support but are unsure about other important factors that deserve consideration.

How a mattress feels and performs is a function of its design and materials.  At Scott Jordan Furniture, we take a comprehensive approach to building a high quality, healthy, and comfortable mattress. From stability and durability to motion transfer and humidity, we look at all the pieces of the puzzle that affect sleep quality.

And we examine many things that while not readily apparent to the average mattress shopper, are quite important to one’s health and well-being. Our Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses are chemical free. They are made almost entirely of natural materials. The exception being the polypropylene reinforcing fiber which is a very strong material for making the coil spring enclosure.

We encourage you to explore the information presented in our site then visit our showroom where you can test the various configurations and discover if one is right for you.

Please take a look at this video clip that might help guide you in the selection process.

Interesting Information From The Mattress Underground

The Mattress Underground Site offers some insight into mattress construction, materials, performance and selection. Anyone shopping for a mattress will be well served reading the material at this site

Mike Koveleski Talks About Mattress Selection

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