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Standard Bookcases

Standard Bookcases

    We are New York’s premier source for solid wood bookcases.

    Why solid wood?

    • Solid hardwood is much stiffer than man-made boards like plywood and particle board. Shelves can be longer without sagging.
    • The edges can’t chip off the way that edge-banding on man-made boards can.
    • Solid Hardwoods don’t contain harmful formaldehyde commonly found in particle board and MDF (medium density fiberboard).

    Locally designed and produced.

    • Our production facilities are in Brooklyn with subsidiary suppliers in New York and Pennsylvania
    • Designs that are adaptable to your specific space and need.
    • Work with our designers to turn your vision into reality.
    • Our Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing  (CADCAM) process enables to to make furniture efficiently one piece at a time to design. Think of it as mass-customization.
    • Locally sourced hardwoods from the forests of New York and Pennsylvania.
    • Safe, non-toxic finishing materials – we use finishes derived from plant oils and waxes.



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