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Scott Jordan – Recommended by Mattress Underground

    Scott Jordan – Recommended by Mattress Underground

    Mattress Underground Seal of Approval
    Recommended by Mattress Underground

    We are proud to receive a recommendation from the Mattress Underground  site.

    The selection and purchase of a mattress is a very confusing process for which the average consumer has few sources to consult to gain understanding of the product and the market for mattresses. Everyone has one but no one seems to know much about them.

    Unfortunately for the consumer, many mattress purveyors have little to gain,  and, indeed,  much to lose, to transparency. Too often the typical mattress showroom offers products covered with attractive fabrics but discloses very little about what lies underneath the silken ticking.

    All mattress, even poor ones, feel reasonably good in a showroom. They are all fresh and the components perform well since they are fresh and new and have not been slept on for five hundred or a thousand nights. It is only a rational consideration of the nature of the materials that will yield an educated assessment of the quality of a mattress and its propensity to perform consistently over years.

    We believe that consumers will be well served to read the unvarnished discussion of mattress selection criteria, industry practices and other very useful information contained in the Mattress Underground site.

    We know that knowledgeable consumers who have been supplied with rational data on mattress construction, the physiology of sleep and mattress industry practice will view the products that we offer in a favorable light.

    The odd hour that one might spend on educating themselves about mattress construction and selection will pay for itself many times over in the health advantages of truly restful sleep.


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