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New Directions Single Bookcase




Our New Directions Single Bookcase is offered in several standard sizes.

Vertical heights of 72″, 84″ and 96″.

Standard widths of 30″, 36″ and 42″.

The New Directions Bookcases are crafted in our Brooklyn workshop; made of solid hardwood; your choice of cherry, walnut, birch, red oak, white oak or maple

All components of our New Directions Bookcases are made of solid hardwood having more than 20% more strength against bending than plywood.

The natural beauty of the wood is enhanced with a non-toxic oil and wax finish.

The rear edge of the vertical panels are cut to accommodate the baseboard to fit under the vertical element allowing the bookcase to sit against the wall.

Each shelf is shaped to allow wiring to be extended between shelves to accommodate electronics, etc.

We offer our New Direction bookcases in wider constructions – see our Double New Directions Bookcase.

Using multiple vertical elements, connected by three fixed shelves per bay, entire wall can be built to fit nearly any space. We offer custom sized vertical panels and shelves to create an exact fit to your space, as well as cabinets,  desk modules and doors as additional customization options.

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Cherry/Birch/Red Oak, Maple/White Oak, Walnut


72", 84", 96"


30", 36", 42"