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Bookcase Wall

Bookcase Wall

    Bookcase Wall Specialists

    We are expert at creating bookcase walls in solid hardwood.
    The bookcase pictured above is designed by Ania Stempi in a series entitled “New Directions Bookcases”.
    Precision crafted in our Brooklyn workshop we very accurately manufacture bookcases of any dimension.
    Our computer based design software and computer aided manufacturing capabilities enable us to design an build bookcase and storage components very accurately for assembly on site.
    The process starts with your ideas. We then precisely measure the space where the unit will be positioned. From our measurements we then develop a 3-D model for your approval.
    When the design is complete we then craft the parts using computer controlled machinery, accurate to the thousandths of an inch.
    We then finish and assemble the unit in our workshop making sure that all the details are in order and then our own craftsmen install the cabinetry in your space.

    The bookcases seen in the image browser to the right are some examples of our work. Many variations are possible using the components of this series.

    Bookcase Wall for Vinyl Album Collection
    bookcase wall for vinyls with cabinetry for electronic components

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