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Sleeper Sofa Delivery – Why We’re the Best in the New York Area

Sleeper Sofa Delivery – Why We’re the Best in the New York Area

    We’ll Fit It In – Guaranteed

    If you are worried that a sofa bed will be difficult or impossible to deliver to your home because of tight stairways, turns or other impediments – you can stop worrying – we’ll get it in – we’re experts at it.

    The secret is taking it apart and delivering it in sections –  we have many years of successful experience in this area.

    Sleeper sofas are usually quite large and very heavy, some weighing more than 300 pounds, measuring seven foot long, and more. Comfortable as a sofa, comfortable as a bed, but often quite challenging to deliver.

    Delivering such a large and heavy object into a New York City apartment building or town house without damaging either the sofa or your home requires very specialized skills. We have been honing those skills for more than 30 years and we know how to perform the perfect sleeper sofa delivery.

    Our records indicate that about 80% of all deliveries into New York City residences require some dis-assembly.

    At Scott Jordan Furniture we have years of experience  executing flawless, trouble-free, sleeper sofa deliveries. Our factory trained technicians are skilled at the rapid dis-assembly of our sleeper sofas so that the parts can be easily moved into the desired space and then re-assembled. Without any damage to either the sofa or to your home.

    All of the sleeper sofas that we sell are designed to be un-bolted for delivery exactly for this reason and we are experts at performing the necessary steps with expediency and expertise.

    There is no need to shoehorn the sleeper sofa through, narrow doorways, into small service elevators risking damage at every turn.

    And now for the best part. All is included in our basic delivery charge — no unexpected  headaches – no extra fees, often $300 or more, to get the sofa, that you already bought, into your home. We will execute a flawless delivery into your home within the appointed 2 hour window. And our delivery team will leave you smiling.

    What happens on delivery day is usually of little concern in the selection of a sleeper sofa, perhaps this part of the process deserves a bit more of your attention.

    Many people assume that whoever sells sofas must be able to deliver them; nice theory, but, unfortunately, not always true. If you are considering the purchase of a Comfort Sleeper and live in New York City we suggest that you request full disclosure of all fees that might apply to your purchase; like dis-assembly for delivery

    Quite often we sell sleeper sofas to people who have found out that the first store that sold them a sleeper sofa couldn’t actually deliver it into their home without charging them several hundred dollars more for taking it apart. No one likes surprises like this. Even if you refuse delivery and ultimately get your money back you still don’t have your sleeper sofa.

    We offer a means of avoiding this unfortunate scenario.

    We have many years of experience performing successfully in this arena. We are the largest volume single store dealer for sleeper sofas. We know the mechanics of sleeper sofas,  we know how to deliver them safely and securely and we know how to service them.

    We take pride in being able to provide top-notch sleeper sofa delivery with our own dedicated team.

    We know that you’ll be delighted because we know what we’re doing.

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