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Berkeley Ergonomics Nordic 2 Mattress – chemical free, made in the USA

Berkeley Ergonomics Nordic 2 Mattress

Firm support, with a buoyant feel

Like the Nordic, the Nordic II has the two layers of innerspring coils. But the Nordic II has a more substantial firmness while still able to rebound quickly when there’s body movement.That’s because each coil in the Nordic II’s main layer of springs has eight turns, compared to five in the Nordic. Normally, eight turns would make a coil twice as tall. But ours are compressed down to be the same height as the five-turn coil. This creates firmer support than the Nordic, but a higher level of responsiveness than in the Alpine.


  • High level of support
  • Extremely quiet, motion-absorbent
  • Very responsive micro-coils
  • Thermal-balanced
  • No turning or flipping


  • 2870 high-quality carbon steel coils
  • 1370 Honeycomb pocketed coils
  • Added layer of 1500 micro-coils 8-turn micro-coils pre-compressed to a 5-turn height
  • Natural latex foam cushioning
  • Lightweight wool lining
  • High performance stretch cotton cover
  • Can also be paired with flexible slat suspension for tailored support


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