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Berkeley Ergonomics All Latex Mattress – Chemical Free, Made in the USA

Natural and Durable

Our Natural Latex foam mattress is made entirely of natural rubber, not a blend of natural and synthetic foams. This means our foam cores are extremely durable and have an even, firm density paired with an elastic feel. We cover our latex mattress with breathable organic stretch cotton covers lined with wool to keep you dryer and stabilize your temperature for deeper sleep. The 8” latex mattress is available in four firmness with a dual-firmness option for couples. We also offer a basic, single-firmness 6” latex mattress.


  • Dense and stable support
  • Extremely durable
  • High-quality, Eco-Certified Natural latex
  • Zero motion transfer
  • Absolutely no sag
  • No flipping

Two styles available: 8” Plush or 6” Basic


  • All natural latex core, no coils
  • Lightweight wool lining
  • High performance Organic cotton cover
  • Can be paired with flexible slat suspension for tailored support

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