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Brooklyn Made Platform Bed-Bolt Construction – How We Build Bed Frames to Last

Brooklyn Made Platform Bed-Bolt Construction – How We Build Bed Frames to Last

illustration of bed bolt construction
sturdy bed bolt construction insures years of service

At Scott Jordan Furniture, we have produced thousands of beds over a period of thirty years and we know from experience that our methods are sound.  We prefer using a through bed bolt method to construct our bedsteads.  Through bed bolts are a fail-safe method of insuring a very tight mechanical connection that eliminates bed rattle,  shake, and motion transfer; ensuring generations of service.

Also, we only use standard hardware in our bed construction.  All of the components can be found at a good hardware supplier.  This avoids the troubles of specialized furniture hardware that might be difficult to replace if lost, especially years from now.

detail of center leg supposting the bed slats
center leg supports the bed slats

Our slats are supported by a center leg that insures that the slats will not bend and sag over time. This also provides a firm, level, foundation for the mattress.  Furthermore, our bed slats are made from sound hardwood; we use a variety of woods that are suitable to the function: oak, maple, ash, beech, cherry, according to what is currently available from our lumber supplier. In any case we select only locally raised hardwood.

bedframes-with-slat-foundationConstruction Details

Scott Jordan Furniture platform beds are constructed one at a time allowing for a wide selection of size and designs.  By employing computer guided machinery to produce the parts one at a time very precisely, we can offer a very high degree of accurate fit with these fine hardwoods.  Need a custom leg height for underbed storage or individual size?  No problem, customization possibilities of leg height can be made in our Brooklyn workshop.  Contact our showroom at the number listed below for custom size quotes.

Please visit our showroom, open 7 days a week, at 137 Varick St in New York City, corner of Spring and Varick, and work with our expert design staff to find a solid wood platform bed tailored to your interior and your specific interior needs.

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