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Stockholm Natural Mattress – Luxury with Support – Free of Harmful Chemicals

Stockholm Natural Mattress – Luxury with Support – Free of Harmful Chemicals

Section View of Stockholm Natural  Mattress
Stockholm Natural Mattress

Some people prefer a supportive, luxuriant feel in a mattress.  That’s why we created the Stockholm Natural Mattress.  It still offers all the support of our other mattresses, but its dominant characteristic is a buoyancy rather than firmness.

~ Two layers of high-grade German coils

~ A total of 1,500 micro coils over 1,370 base coils

~ Natural latex foam for a soft and flexible surface feel

~ Breathable wool-lined cotton cover for cool, dry sleep

~ Two firmnesses to choose from ~ dual-sided for couples

~ Ecologically healthy components, built to last

The secret to the lush feeling found in the Stockholm Natural Mattress is a second layer of micro-coils on top of a honeycomb base coil.  These two-inch high micro-coils have very small diameters – we can pack over 1,500 of them into a single layer.

Like the larger coils beneath them, the micro coils are also individually encased.  The advantage of the greater number of independent micro coils is their ability to respond to the slightest shift in movement.

Finished off with a top layer of natural latex foam cushioning, the coils adjust to the body’s contours in a way that provides a weightless, enveloping feeling of sumptuous comfort.

The luxurious feel is very different from the kind of smothering softness you might experience with a mattress cushioned with poly foam or fiber fill.  Because the primary cushioning of the Stockholm Natural Mattress comes from the micro coils instead of filler, it maintains horizontal stability.

This mattresses high-comfort factor comes from the vertical compression of the springs. Unlike fiber-fill mattresses, these springs will not sag or loose their shape over time.

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